S. V. Omaha, 40th Anniversary

Members may be interested to know that we were recently contacted, via mail, by the Omaha, Nebraska, Schuetzen Verein, inviting us to their 40th Anniversary Ball. The ball is scheduled for 4 Jun 2022, in Omaha and although it is probably not likely that we would be dispatching a delegation to attend this year, it was nice to hear from them and hopefully we can connect in the near future. If anyone would like to attend, please let Gale and/or Tom know. For those interested in additional information about the Omaha Club, they can be found on Facebook at; https://www.facebook.com/SV-Omaha-Sch%C3%BCtzenverein-549982262035471/

Copy of Correspondence Received from S.V. Omaha

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