Brandenburger Schuetzenverein

Mayfest-Members, we are still seeking volunteers to fulfill our part of our Mayfest Obligation, June 1-4. This is an exciting opportunity to give back to our community and to help our club out, but we still need help. Please go to the link below and volunteer your time. UPDATE 5/20: We really could use a little more help serving food, especially on Saturday evening, please check out the link below and select “Kitchen” to join your fellow Mitglieder in supporting the Club.

Mayfest Sign Up Link!     

April 21, 2023: It is with enormous reluctance, and deepest regret that we report of news received here from our Schuetzen Brothers and Sisters in Peoria. We have been informed by them that three members of the Peoria Club, all friends to the BSV, have passed away in just the last week. Words cannot convey our sorrow for the families, and for the Peoria Club. Please keep Julie Brown, Dave Barth and Gary Emery, and their families, in your prayers during this difficult time.

This Years Ball is in the Books & Thank You to All!! Our 2023 King & Queen Ball was an unqualified success, thanks to all of you. Over a hundred and thirty guests were able to attend, including members of Schuetzenvereine from Auburn Hills, Cincinnati, Columbus, Peoria and St Louis, as well as numerous local dignitaries, including those from the German Day Association, Niedersachsen Club of Chicago and the Rheinischer Verein. Thanks also to all of the volunteers who took the time to set up, work the bar and clean up after the event, it couldn’t have happened without you. Special thanks to our band Paloma, and a very special thank you to Carol Himmel of Himmels Restaurant, for the delicious food.

Ball Update (3/16): We are currently SOLD OUT for this event. I want to thank everyone who has already purchased tickets, but we are currently at maximum capacity, and can no longer offer any additional at this time. You may contact us to go on the will call and if any more become available we will contact you. Thanks to everyone for their interest, and we will see you again next year. JF

Competition Shooters Announced (9 Mar 2023): The Schiesswart has completed the selection process for the King and Queen shoot, and the following members were chosen. Please let the Schiesswart know if you are available to compete and if you have any questions. Good Luck to Everyone.

Rifle Standing, Edgar Rojas-Herbas, Jordan Martin, Monte Householter, Kamila Ott, Jason Voler and Troy Schulter, alt(s). Jade Mickey, Brittney Bochenko and Ben Brandsmeier.

Rifle Half Support, Susanne Mickey, Ann & Brad Pausha, John Fuller, Tom Trucco, & Larry Bochenko, alt(s) John Mickey and Dahra Parenteau

Pistol, John Casillas, Jordan Martin, Susanne Mickey, Troy Schulter, Dahra Parenteau & Jason Voler, alt(s), Brittney Bochenko and John Fuller

King & Queen Ball Schedule Current Update (9 Mar 2023): The following is a tentative schedule for our upcoming Ball Preparations, subject to change. We will be meeting AND shooting on 15 March to allow shooters a little practice in the run up to the ball, therefore the range will be open at 7:00 sharp and the meeting will begin promptly at 8:00. Anyone who wants to shoot after the meeting is welcome to do so also.

The following Wednesday, 22 March, we will again have the range open, if you are scheduled to shoot Saturday Morning, please come out and make sure your preferred Rifle/Pistol is sighted in to your satisfaction as there probably won’t be an opportunity to do so on Saturday. All are welcome to attend

On Thursday March 23, probably around 7:00 pm, we will have clean up day on the Range. This includes a little dusting, patching and painting of the range, attention to the gun racks and maybe refrigerator clean up. Its not a lot and we don’t need a ton of people, but anyone who wants to come is of course welcome. Please let John Fuller know if your interested. Friday, March 24-tentativley scheduled for Friday morning IF the DANK Permits, or alternatively Saturday at noon, after the shoot, is the Ball Room Decoration. We can always use a hand (especially if we end up doing it on Saturday). Those interested should message/text/call Melissa so we can get a work gang put together. Also on the 24th, and in the evening, is our Open House on the second floor. If you would like to help out, or just come and meet members of the visiting clubs let a member of the committee know. Saturday, March 25: Anyone who wants to come to the competition Saturday morning and help out is encouraged to do so, especially if you want to bring a snack, or other food item for the snack and breakfast table. We will need to have the range set up, and shooters shooting by about 6:00 AM. If your bringing food, please touch base with Elly before then. Shooters, when they are named, should coordinate with Gale about their start times that morning. Evening-Saturday, March 25th. We already have a number of volunteers for the Welcome Table but if you have an interest in helping out there, let us know. We still need additional volunteers to work the bar-for not more than an hour, hopefully. Please let the committee or John Fuller know if you are willing to help, so that we can put a bar schedule together in advance. Sunday, March 26 or Monday, March 27 depending on DANK’S availability, we will be doing the final cleanup of the Ball Room. Some people are able to do Sunday, and some are not. Again, see John if your one of the ones who can. Updates to follow., as they are known…

King & Queen Shoot Congratulations to our shooting winners King Larry and Queen Dahra, our new King and Queen for 2023. We had a wonderful time and even though things ran a little late, the crowd remained to root everyone on. Queen Dahra returns for her second reign in only three years, way to go Dahr! Honorable Mentions also go out to members, Peter Koelle (Right Wing), John Fuller (Left Wing), Jade Mickey (Right Claw) and Schiesswart-Gale Fabisch (Left Claw). The snacks too were various and many, thanks to everyone who took the time to bring something, it was all fantastic. See Blog for more photos.

2023 Kronungs Ball Announced

(Oct/22) The BSV is pleased to announce that the date for next years King and Queen ball will be Saturday, 25 March 2023 at DANK Haus.  Details are forthcoming, and will be be posted here, but as we sold out last year and are anticipating an even greater response than in previous years, make sure you order your tickets as soon as they are available.  We look forward to seeing you all again.

Recently, on 1 August 2022, Schutzenbruder Hugh Colburn, our longtime Director of Ethics and Morals, passed away. Please keep him and his family, especially Carole in your thoughts and Prayers! We miss you Hugh!

Cincinnati Shoot

The Germania Schuetzenverein will be hosting their bi-annual event on May 21st, 2022. If there is enough interest, we may rent a bus to ride down together, so please let Gale know if you would like to go as well for assistance regarding accommodations.

2022 Schutzentag

The guys who do the work, Schiesswart along along with capable assistants Jordan and Steve. Thanks guys!
Revelers enjoying the evening.

2022 King Queen Competition- YEAH!!!

The winners of the 2022 King/Queen Shoot, nice shooting.

Behind the Scenes at the 2022 King and Queen Competition. Everyone had a great time

The 2021 Chicago Brandenburger Schuetzenverein Weihnachtsfest. Potluck was a great success! Thanks to everyone that attended

Dec 15th, 2021, Weihnachsfest beim Dank.

Frohliche Weihnachten 2020 und ein gluckliches neues Jahr!!

Kamila Ott, shooting for BSV Club Championship, Sept 29, 2021.

Our longtime member and good friend, Kamila Ott, is moving to Chatanooga, Tennessee in the middle of October. We are having a farewell party for her on Wednesday, Oct 13. Contact John, Jason or Tom for further details.

Kamila, wir wunschen Ihnen viel Glück und Gut Schuß.

Looking good Dave!
Von Stueben Parade 2021

The Brandenburger Tör made it down Lincoln Ave for another year. Thanks for all the hard work done to make it a success.


It was a fantastic time in Peoria! Thanks to our hosts and everyone who attended. Congrats to Stephen Waguespak and Jon Casillas for their great performance!

PEORIA 2021!!!!!!!

Aufenhalt: BayernStube

Sadly we have learned that the BayernStube closed for good on 29 Aug 2021

A Reminder-Saint Sebastian Competition. This years competition will be held over the next three weeks, beginning Wednesday, 26 May 2021. You need attend only two of those three weeks, but scores from two separate weeks are required. Come on out and see if you can grab bragging rights.

Members sign into the membership page for up to date notifications.

The loss of public parking to development will adversely hurt local businesses in Lincoln Square and beyond who rely on vehicular traffic for many of their customers. Also at risk are the local heritage and regional draw represented by the German Day Festival, Applefest, Mayfest, the local Farmer’s Market, the DANK Haus German Cultural Center, the Brandenburger Schützenverein, the Old Town School of Folk Music, and the Davis Theater.

2021 Coronation Roast

at the NiedersachsenVerein, 4548 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, Illinois

May 23, 2021, Doors Open at Noon

Live Music, Good Food and Good Times!!!!!

The traditional calendar is posted on the membership page. Hard copies will be given out at all meetings in December.

We meet every Wednesday, except for holidays.


March 24, 2021: The BSV hosted our annual Range Clean-up day. Looking GOOD!!!!

Notice: we are having our first “post covid” meeting on April 7, 2021 at 2000 hours. Items to be discussed are the 2021 schedule, the upcoming competitions and the budget. See you there.

Everyone, keep Christa Frentz in your thoughts and prayers. She just had back surgery and is currently in the hospital. She is not accepting visitors at this time.

February 3, 2021. What a Wednesday night!!!! Thank you all for coming out for our meeting, it was great to see you all. Thanks for all those who worked to make it a successful evening.

The club also would like to extend a special thanks to Horst Siegel for coming by the club. It was nice to see a pivotal member of the Lincoln Square German Community come to have a drink with us. Thanks Mr. Siegel. You are always welcome!!!!

Mr. Siegel- Wir sind nicht Arschleckers, Wir sind Arschkickers!

January 2021: It’s on!!!!! Come on out.

BSV is meeting again on Wednesday nights. Per COVID restrictions, indoor recreation activities are limited to 25 members. Also we have hand sanitizer and wipes to keep it safe. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!!

Happy New Year! Lets say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. We hope to see you all soon

Competition Update

Wir vermissen ihnen und denken an ihnen wahrend Weihnachtzeit!

LAST MINUTE NOTICE: We got word from the MAYOR, No Turkey Shoot tonight! Happy Thanksgiving!! See you soon!

Happy 2020 Thanksgiving! Frohe Erntedankfest!

We hope all of our members and their families have a happy thanksgiving holiday. We will be having our annual Turkey Shoot tomorrow. If you are feeling healthy and are interested in possibly winning a bottle of wine or booze, come join us. We will be following the club’s COVID protocols to maintain everyone’s safety.

If we don’t see you tomorrow, enjoy that Turkey Leg! PROST!!!!!

October 27, 2020, From our Schiesswart:

I know that we are under tougher Covid rules at this time.  Perhaps we can have a small gathering (less than 10 people) tomorrow night to bring the air guns and flag back to our BSV cabinets, test social distancing, and depart about 9 pm.

Please print the rules and regulations sent to your email prior to returning to the Dank and bring a signed copy with you.  I will also print hard copies to bring to the DANK.

October 17, 2020, the club sent an elite squad to the St. Louis Schuetzenverein to participate in their annual HubertusFeier. Thanks to the St. Louis Schuetzenverein for hosting a wonderful event. Congrats on finding a new interim home for your club. It looks great. It was also nice to see the members of the other clubs that were in attendance.

Jon Casillas of the BSV brought home a gold medal in the 10m pistol. Congrats, great shooting Jon. The rest of the squad brought home memories of the good times.

On October 16, 2020, a few of the BSV members went to the Bayernstube in Gibson City, Illinois. The restaurant had delicious german food and were wonderful hosts. (Thanks to the owners, Pete and Jeanne, and our waitress, Sandy.) The BSV would like to thank them again for the outstanding meal. Ganz Lecker!!!!!

There was talk in St. Louis of BSV and PSV members meeting there next year on the way down to St. Louis. Please check them out if you are in the area, you won’t be disappointed. Here is a link to their restaurant.

October 7, 2020, The Brandenburger Schuetzenverein Chicago congratulates soon to be parents, Joshua and Maxi, as well as soon to be grandparents, Brad and Anne, on the upcoming addition to their family. We raise a glass to you.

October 2, 2020, In support of the DANKhaus, the Brandenburger Schuetzenverein Chicago donated money for a bar stool in what is now known as the Brauhaus Room (formerly the Brandenburger Room). The refurbished bar area looks great. Take a look at our blog page for a look.

September 2,  2020, Brandenburger Schuetzenverein Chicago sends it deepest condolences to the Frentz Family.  Karl was a friend, a member of the verein’s first Vorstand and one of the verein’s longest serving members.  He will be missed.

Karl Frentz

August 10, 1929 to September 2, 2020

June 27, 2020:

PSV Competition:  We sent a crack shot team to the Peoria Schutzenverein’s annual competition and … had a great time!! Thank you to the Peoria Schutzenverein and Ross Baer (pictured with his wife Debbie on the right) for hosting such a wonderful event.    It was great to see you and some of the members from St. Louis Schutzenverein.

Congratulations to Jon Casillas, who took the gold medal!  Gut Gemacht, Schutzenbruder! A BIG thank you to Melissa Fuller for photographing the festivities for our club. Here are some of the photographs, more are posted on the membership only page.

April 13, 2020:

Hi all,
During this period when we aren’t gathering and enjoying our friendships and our shooting, we would like for anyone who can to join on zoom for our social distancing version of our weekly time together. Here is an invite for you to use every wednesday for the foreseeable future. Click on the link below “Join Zoom Meeting”. If you have trouble please try to text or call me. Looking forward to seeing you all. If you noticed that I missed someone please forward this to them and let me know so I can update my list.

March 21, 2020: Attention all members, as you all know the city of Chicago is on a lockdown.   We are a brotherhood and as such, if you need anything, please call one of our younger members.  The telephone list and addresses of our membership are hyperlinked on our “current roll” page.

March 17, 2020,  from our President, Tom Trucco,

After much thought and a conversation with Monica at Dank I am recommending that all upcoming meetings and shoots be suspended until further notice.

March 11, 2020,  For the safety of our guests, members and friends, we have postponed our coronation ball until further notice. Thanks for your understanding.

January 22, 2020, The King and Queen Competition was great fun. Congratulations to the winners.


We hope everyone has a great 2020! Gut Schuß!

November 5, 2019, BSV Members participate  in the DANKhaus Celebration of 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

October 6, 2019, BSV Members carried the flag down the Aisle of St. Benedict’s Church.  Thanks for the members who represented us in the important event.

September 7, 2019, Von Steuben Parade. What a great time! Members and non-members alike,  thanks for coming by.  We had fun before, during and after. We have some photographs on our membership only page, check them out. Let’s discuss which ones we want on our front page. Here is one from the post-parade party. It is a great one to start with.  IMG_1152

On August 11th, The Brandenburger Schuetzenverein had our annual picnic. We celebrated one of our founding member’s 90th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Karl Frentz! It was great to see everyone who made it. Here is Karl with the band Alpine Thunder.


On July 5, 2019, members of the BSV presented a plaque to Joseph Bradtke, owner of Schumacher Imports and Bradtke Moving, for his continued and generous support of our club.

Thank you, Mr. Bradtke.

Bradtke Presentation



The 2018 Von Steuben Day- Parade in Chicago.  Prost!


2018 BSV-Von Steuben Day Float Karl and Rosie, you two are the best

Bert and Erika keeping us honest

Membership meets at 7 pm, every Wednesday, on the Second Floor of the D.A.N.K. Haus, 4740 N. Western Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60625.  Please contact us at 773-251-3174, if you are interested in attending.