Chicago Fire BSV-Club Outing

BSV Club Soccer Outing

         Wed-13 July 2022 @ 1900 /7:00 P.M.

    At Soldiers Field, Chicago

          Please Note that BSV is already scheduled to be closed on this date

The plan is to meet at the Niedersachsen Club (which has plenty of parking across the street), for a social hour, including snacks, before boarding a bus and heading down to the game.  Following the match we would then take the bus back to the club where you can either retrieve your auto’s, or enjoy the conviviality of the Niedersachsen for awhile, before returning home.

COST is 50.00 including ticket in the booster section and bus with a bathroom, bring friends and family and lets have a great day!      




2 thoughts on “Chicago Fire BSV-Club Outing”

  1. Okay guys, the following expressed interest in attending the game from the BSV., Andreas, Sabina, Monte, Jordon, John, Melissa and Jason & Co. Along with the Niedersachsen we have more than enough to go, so I will be have a final price for all of you, sometime after the Kronungsball. See you there.


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